Destinations London Schedules

Here you will find the full schedule for all sessions and presentations at Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show London including: Stanfords Travel Writers Festival, Meet The Experts Theatres 1 and 2, Experience The World & Taste The World.

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What are the various stages?

Stanfords Travel Writers Festival

Brought to you by Stanfords, hear inspiring talks from explorers, adventurers, historians, novelists, TV personalities and many more of the very best travel authors.

Meet The Experts Theatres 1 & 2

Expert talks covering the different corners of the globe. Speakers will give you unique insight into their experiences and take you on fascinating and memorable journeys to inspire your next adventure.

Experience The World Stage

Dive in and experience world cultures, and entertainment. Enjoy the spectacle of cultural performances and get involved with interactive displays. Here you will discover the essence of new cultures and a whole host of new destinations.

Taste The World Stage

Get a taste for unusual international delicacies with hundreds of free world food and drink samples and discover the essence of new cultures and a whole host of new destinations.

Destinations London 2019 Schedules

Meet The Experts London - Theatre 2

Sat 02 Feb 10:30 to 11:15

Event stream:


Aleem Raheem
Co-Founder – The Earth Trip

Presentation title

Sri Lanka- Why its the number one country for Travel in 2019

Sri Lanka has been named the best country in the world to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet. Sri Lanka has no parallels. Learn why this tropical island seduces so many travellers and why you should come and experience it. Sri Lanka got something for everyone. It offers diverse wildlife, one of the best places in the world spot leopards, sloth bears, elephants and blue whales, rich ancient culture with eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, palm fringed beaches for surfing, snorkelling or diving, colourful mouth-watering food, stunning landscapes and walking trails of hill country, colonial history and tea hills. Sri Lanka offers so much in a small area with so much diversity. In this talk learn how best to experience the best of Sri Lanka.

Sat 02 Feb 11:30 to 12:15

Presentation title

South Africa garden route explained and explored

South Africa's Garden Route is most people’s first taste of Southern Africa. However this trip has some great twists and add ons not found in most Garden Route trips you will find. What those are you need to come to the talk. You will be glad you did as the reviews of our trip indicate how much people enjoy this area.
If you do not like spectacular scenery, great food, fantastic wine and some of the best accommodation in the World then this talk is not for you. However if this temps you join us for how to do this best and incorporate some great wildlife viewing as well.
Questions are encouraged and answered hopefully honesty and with humour.

Sat 02 Feb 12:30 to 13:15

Event stream:


Paul Goldstein
Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Presentation title

Georgia on my mind - Antarctica and South Georgia

Guide and photographer Paul Goldstein has spent many months of his life in the 7th continent and believes South Georgia to be, alongside the Mara Conservancies in Kenya, the most potent and fertile wilderness anywhere. Seals, millions of penguins and glaciers are a seductive cocktail for any wilderness fan and this award-winning photographer will entertain you in a way few others can match. He has guided there many times with Chris Packham and again the pair will join forces on a special departure in November 2020. They recently returned from the ice in December. 


Sat 02 Feb 13:30 to 14:15

Event stream:


Charlie Hopkinson
Dragoman Business Development & Sales Director

Presentation title

How Overlanding gets you places other tours can’t

Charlie Hopkinson in his own, inimitable way explains why Dragoman’s mantra “It’s the journey not just the destination” is so important to overlanding. In his talk Charlie will give a great insight into the overlanding lifestyle explaining how Dragoman’s specialised iconic orange trucks can reach places other forms of transport just can’t reach. Whether heading into the wilds of Kyrgyzstan on the fabled Silk Route, visiting the remarkable Rainbow Mountains in western China,  crossing the remote Amazon basin in Brazil or the Sahara Desert in Sudan.


Find out how travelling with Dragoman you will be able to take time to enjoy the journey discovering the best of a region for more in-depth experience – spend a week exploring Inca trails around Cuzco, enjoy a 2 day canoe safari on the Zambezi or take a 5 day guided tour of the Odisha Tribal Region.

Sat 02 Feb 14:30 to 15:15

Presentation title

Women in focus

The growing trend of women-only adventure tours shows that female travellers are looking for more than just yoga or spa holidays. They want to travel to exciting cultures in a safe environment, learn about the customs and challenges facing women in other cultures and tackle bucket list challenges with like-minded women.  Zina works at Intrepid, organising the trips for travellers to visit a women’s artisan co-op in Talsanant, visit a Berber family in M’goun Valley and to learn how to make fresh khobz (flatbread). Zina talks about this style of travel and what makes them different to traditional adventure holidays.

Sat 02 Feb 15:30 to 16:15

Event stream:


Stanley Johnson
Novelist and former-MEP

Presentation title

New Zealand has it all!

Stanley Johnson, the novelist and former-MEP, shares his favourite holiday experiences in New Zealand from treasured wildlife encounters to delightful wine tours and a visit to magnificent Fjordland. With its combination of wildlife, rugged mountain scenery, superb wineries, beaches and unique culture, Stanley makes the case for visiting this beautiful destination and explains why the country is simply irresistible to him.