Travel Experts Bar guided by DK

Dorling Kindersley is the world’s leading illustrated reference publisher and is home to one of the world’s most well-known travel brands – DK Eyewitness. Publishing travel guides to more than 200 destinations, DK Eyewitness travel guides are filled with expert advice, beautiful photographs and detailed illustrations.








DK Eyewitness expert travel editors were on hand to answer all your travel related questions based on first-hand experience. Perhaps you didn't know the best time to visit Japan or the best activities for families in Tuscany or where to get off the beaten track in Paris. DK Eyewitness experts helped to inspire and plan your upcoming trips at the Travel Experts Bar.



Alison McGill – Senior Editor

Alison has worked at DK Eyewitness travel for ten years. She has recently worked on guides to Prague, New Zealand and Pacific North West. Whilst travelling Alison loves to walk, read and dine. She has recently completed a solo road trip around New Zealand which took just under one month. She is particularly passionate about New York City and has visited a number of times, as well as editing the DK Eyewitness travel guide to New York.

Ankita Awasthi Tröger – Senior Editor

Ankita has worked for DK Eyewitness for over twelve years. She loves visiting national parks and taking part in adventure activities whilst travelling. Ankita is a thrill-seeker and her favourite experiences include rafting down The Ganges and driving a tiny (800cc) car through the Himalayan foothills, which she explicitly states is not for the faint-hearted. She is currently working on guides to Washington DC and Kenya.

Claire Morrison – Deputy Marketing Director

Claire is DK’s deputy marketing director and has been working for DK for over four years. Claire is passionate about books and travel, and loves to visit destinations steeped in history. She particularly enjoys visiting local churches and has a unique fascination with caves.  She recently visited Budapest, which is now one of her favourite cities and has successfully scaled the Inca Trail in Peru. 

Lucy Richards – Project Editor

Lucy has been a project editor for six years and is DK Eyewitness New York specialist. She has recently updated the brand new guide to New York and says she knows it better than her own home. Other than New York, she loves Copenhagen where she loves to explore and enjoy cinnamon buns. Whilst travelling, Lucy loves to read novels set in the destination she is discovering and loves walking. Her favourite trips include Havana and India’s Golden Triangle.

Hollie Teague – Managing Editor

Hollie is the managing editor for DK Eyewitness Travel and has worked for DK for almost five years. Hollie loves to get off the beaten track and is a keen rambler. She currently uses most of her annual leave walking the entire length of the Pembrokeshire coastal path, which she is hoping to complete in 2019. Her most recent travels include Cyprus where she spent her time seeking out the most authentic experiences rather than just sticking to the beach. Her favourite destinations include Japan and Oz which she travelled around solo back in 2008.

Rachel Laidler – Travel Editor

Rachel has worked for DK Eyewitness for almost three years and is currently working on guides to Poland and Ireland. Rachel loves being outdoors and often participates in hiking, camping and cycling whist travelling. Her favourite trips include hiking in Nepal and European city breaks such as Venice and Prague. Rachel has lived in several places including New Zealand and Edinburgh.

Robin Maul – Project Editor

Robin has worked for DK Eyewitness for just six months but has an extensive and unique travel portfolio. She can also be referred to as a nomad and has lived in many different countries including America, Canada, France and Japan. Some of her most unique trips including hiking solo for 17 days along the Camino de Santiago, climbing Mount Fiji and bunny island in Japan. She is particularly passionate about Japan.

Victoria Sturley – Marketing and PR Manager

Victoria is DK Eyewitness marketing and PR manager. She is extremely passionate about all things travel and loves to eat her way around a destination. She has previously lived in Cannes, and enjoys French cuisine and wines. Her favourite trips include India’s golden triangle, road tripping from Vegas to Palm Springs to L.A and sailing around the Greek Islands. She has recently climbed Ben Nevis and Snowdon, and is hoping to climb Scafell Pike by the end of the year. 

Bess Daly – Project and Jacket Designer

Bess is DK Eyewitness Travel’s project jacket and designer. Bess moved over to the UK from Australia last year, and is currently working on guides to Berlin and Vietnam. She is a keen artist and enjoys seeking out art displays and exhibitions whilst travelling. Her favourite cities include Tokyo and New York, which she loves to visit time and time again.