Send A Cow

Proudly working with The Living With Wildlife Appeal

We are thrilled to announce we are working with The Living With Wildlife Appeal as the  Official Show Charity for 2020.

In Uganda, poverty is threatening the country’s oldest and largest National Park; Murchison Falls. Families living around the park are struggling to live.  
With limited sources of food or income, some people lay traps in the hope of catching bushmeat to feed their families, and sell in the local markets. But traps are indiscriminate and wildlife such as the endangered Rothschild’s Giraffe are getting caught instead, becoming maimed or even killed.  
There must be a better way. 
Charities Send a Cow and Tusk are launching the Living with Wildlife Appeal to protect both the people and wildlife of Murchison Falls National Park. The funds raised will be used to upskill local communities, creating new livelihood opportunities, which can lift people out of poverty and protect wildlife.  
Families will be given the training and skills to grow their own food and develop sustainable ways of making a living. This will enable families to invest in their homes, healthcare and send their children to school, while also easing pressure to hunt within the nearby National Park. 
With fewer than 2,000 Rothschild’s giraffes remaining in the wild, and 75% of those living in Murchison Falls, we have to act now to protect future generations of endangered wildlife. 
Visit the Living with Wildlife stand during the show to find out how you can help people and animals to thrive alongside each other. Better still, your donations during the show will be doubled thanks to the UK government who will match all donations to the Living with Wildlife Appeal from 15th January – 14th April 2020. Give to the Living with Wildlife Appeal and you will help vulnerable people and wildlife living in Uganda as well as supporting other similar work across Africa.